Prosecutor Thanks Juror, Tom Hanks, and Prompts Motion for a Mistrial

People tend to come up with outrageous excuses to relieve them of jury duty. However, this was not the case for award winning actor Tom Hanks, who was selected for jury duty in a domestic violence trial because both sides felt his answers during voir dire were truthful and he did not give any reason for skirting his civic duty. Unfortunately, an overzealous member of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, who was not involved in the case, broke the golden rule of no contact with jurors when she thanked Tom Hanks in a stairwell for his service and told him that he is setting a great example for other celebrities. In response, the defense immediately moved for a mistrial, which eventually led to a plea deal that consisted of disturbing the peace and a fine of only $150 instead of a year in jail.

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