Linking Your Practice: Florida Lawyers Cannot List Non-Certified Specialties on LinkedIn

In an opinion issued on September 11, 2013, the Florida Bar weighed in on an issue many lawyers find troubling—the content of their social media pages.  Responding to a Tampa attorney’s inquiry regarding LinkedIn recommendations, the Florida Bar declared that lawyers cannot list their practice areas under the “Skills & Expertise” section of their LinkedIn pages unless they are board certified in those particular areas pursuant to Florida Rule 4-7.14(a)(4).

Earlier this year, the New York Bar also reached a similar conclusion on the issue. The New York opinion was referenced and attached to the Florida Bar’s opinion as well.

LinkedIn’s “Skills & Expertise” section allows users to recommend others based on a list of skills included under that heading. This opinion calls for attorneys to be aware of what they and others post on their LinkedIn profiles and demonstrates the potential ethical ramifications that can arise from how they choose to present themselves in the digital sphere.

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