Illinois’ Attorney Receives Reprimand for Breach of Client Confidentiality on Avvo

The Hearing Board of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, pursuant to a joint stipulation of the parties, issued a reprimand to Betty Tsamis, an attorney who found herself in trouble after revealing confidential client information in response to a client posting on AVVO and for a trust fund irregularity. (click here to read our previous post on the Betty Tsamis matter). The hearing board found the mitigating factors in the case to be that Tsamis had no history of disciplinary problems, she demonstrated remorse, and had taken steps to improve her record keeping procedures. Additionally, there were several lawyers that were prepared to testify as to Ms. Tsamis’ excellent reputation for truth and veracity. Nonetheless, the Hearing Board admonished Ms. Tsamis that the reprimand was not to be taken lightly.

For more information, read Hearing Board Order here.

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