The Rise of the Social Law Firm

A recent study, undertaken by Above the Law and Good2bSocial, demonstrates social media’s proliferation into the legal profession. The study included a review of the social media practices of several major law firms across numerous public platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and SlideShare.

The study assessed each firm’s publicly available substantive content, as well as its social reach and engagement, assigning a point value based on the number of followers, friends, likes and comments. Researchers then created a Social Law Firm Index, where they measured the specific uses that the social media practices were implemented for. The study identified that an astounding 90% of social media usage was conducted for marketing purposes.

The legal community’s growing interest in analyzing the effectiveness of firms’ use of social media highlights the growing awareness that social media plays a large part in a modern legal practice. The study is a positive step forward in generating best practices guidelines for law firms and individual lawyers to utilize social media in compliance with ethical advertising obligations.

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