Arkansas Judge Removed from Office for Social Media Comments

The Supreme Court of Arkansas recently delivered an opinion to remove a thirteen-year tenured, Faulkner County Circuit Judge, for his misconduct regarding inappropriate comments about actress Charlize Theron’s 2012 adoption.  The Judge posted comments on “,” Louisiana State University’s online blog under the screen name “geauxjudge,” about details of Theron’s closed-record adoption.  He apologized for his “lapse in personal judgment” when he wrote online that his friend was involved in Theron’s adoption case and he even “offered to be the baby daddy.”

The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission of Arkansas recommended that the Judge be suspended from office with pay through the end of his term this year; however, the Arkansas Supreme Court ordered the Judge to be removed from office without any further compensation and barred him “henceforth” from holding any judicial office in the State of Arkansas.

To read the Supreme Court of Arkansas’ Opinion click here.

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