All Hands on Deck – Texas Welcomes Out of State Attorneys In Harvey Aftermath

Last week the Texas Supreme Court issued an order that permits licensed attorneys from other states to provide legal services to the victims of Hurricane Harvey through legal aid or pro bono programs. The order was one of a series of emergency orders aimed at alleviating the legal chaos sure to be left in the wake of the storm.

Though customarily, attorneys may only practice law in states where they are officially licensed, the Texas Supreme Court, empowered by Texas Statute 81.061, is permitting out-of-state attorneys to practice law in Texas for the next six months. The order requires that out-of-state attorneys register with the State Bar of Texas and agree to abide by the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.

The order also allows attorneys displaced by Hurricane Harvey to practice in Texas remotely as if they were located in their home jurisdiction.

To read the emergency order issued by the Supreme Court of Texas click here. 

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