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‘Tis a far better thing to ponder a hypothetical, than disbarment. – Daniela Torrealba

Welcome to Legal Ethics in Motion, the blog of the Professional Responsibility and Ethics Program (PREPat the University of Miami School of Law. PREP develops and presents continuing legal education (CLE) ethics training for the legal community. We explore “hot-topic” ethics and professionalism issues, draft academic materials and present on-site, customized ethics programs to bar associations, nonprofit legal services organizations, government agencies, law firms and corporations.

In creating Legal Ethics in Motion, our purpose is to provide student commentary on ethical issues affecting the legal community in the digital age. We will explore such topics as: social media, technology, and other breaking legal developments.


We asked students to describe the  PREP experience:

PREP is a practical, hands-on law school course that is unlike anything else offered here.”  – Candice Lazar

“Being part of PREP, and helping attorneys and judges keep up with the evolving landscape makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself.” – James Lechter

PREP is a program composed of law students dedicated to mastering the Rules of Professional Conduct and facilitating discussion among attorneys about the importance of fostering a professional and ethical environment in the legal field.” – Matan Scheier

2017-2018 Editors

Nicole Chipi – Senior Editor

Daniel Celaya – Editor

2016-2017 Editors

Vincent Calarco – Senior Editor

Luisa Andonie – Editor

Nicole Chipi – Editor

Haley Moss – Editor

2015-2016 Editors

Janelly Crespo

Dalisi Otero

2014-2015 Editor

Jennifer Felipe

2012-2014 Editors

Danielle Singer
Ross Militello
Andrew Williams

Founding Members

Courtney Daniels
Matthew Friendly
Simone Kriger
James Lechter
Garett Lorenz
Justin Ortiz
Patrick Poole
Simona Popova

Faculty Advisor:

Jan L. Jacobowitz

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  1. Walter Effross

    I thought that you and your colleagues and readers might be interested in an article of mine that was just published in the Washington Lawyer, the magazine of the District of Columbia Bar.

    “Building Blogs (and Law Firm Web Sites) Ethically and Effectively” provides a variety of suggestions to avoid ethical and other legal difficulties; suggests that the ABA spearhead the standardization of certain terms and conditions on law firms’ sites; and discusses how law students and lawyers can best use a law firm’s blog(s) to assess the firm and to enhance their chances of employment there:


    The typescript version, which may be a little easier on the eyes, is at


    Best regards,

    Walter Effross
    Professor of Law
    American University Washington College of Law

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